To get from one level to the next one you have either to find out a username and a password or the name of the site of the next level.

If there is no link to access the next level, you have to replace the name of the current site
(e.g. http://www.soulmanager/thegame/stagex/levely/current.htm)
by the name of the next site
(e.g. http://www.soulmanager/thegame/stagex/levely/next.htm)

In every level you can collect a code by clicking the upper left number. Keep this code (write it down). You will need them at the end of a stage to get access to the next stage.

The further you come the harder it gets. But be sure that everything you need to know can be found on the page (or in any part of the page like images) or in the sourcecode of the page.

If you try to cheat to reach the next level you can do this. Iím not kidding, try to cheat if you like! But be sure I will do my best to make it as hard as possible for cheaters. Therefor the riddles, the answers and the codes you collect will change from time to time.

Sometimes you will need to search for things in the net. Use Google if possible ...


Thatís all. Have fun!